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Vonnie's Goal is Simple.
Connect those who need to learn how to cook, in order to save money and eat healthier,
with those who can teach them vital cooking skills and lessons.

You'll be equipped for a lifetime of cooking delicious meals.

Yes, that's right...

No more excuses! 

Learn the basics...when you your own kitchen...from your own phone.​​​​​​​
Learn How to Cook
From the comfort of your own kitchen!
1. Download the Vonnie Student App (coming soon!) 

2. Select a meal and lesson. 

3. Get the ingredients you need to make your meal.

4. Tell Vonnie when you're ready and 
Vonnie will virtually connect you with one of our cooking pro Instructors.

As you make the meal, you will learn important cooking skills, all while you make a delicious meal for your family. 
Teach from Home

Earn money, working from home, by teaching Vonnie Students through the lessons and meals we have available in the app. 

We provide the curriculum and teaching scripts. You provide the oversight, and teach them through making the meal.

1. Download the Vonnie Instructor app (coming soon!)**

2. Teach from the comfort of your couch (or wherever is most comfortable for you!) 

**Instructor Application required. WiFi required. iPhone required. (Android and web apps coming soon.) 
Vonnie's Whisking Up Some Delicious Meals!
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